Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

Although there may be a wide array of foosball tables being sold today, you would be hard pressed to find a better choice for the price than the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. This product is designed with one eye on the professional player and another on the amateur.

You truly get the best of both worlds with the Warrior Professional Foosball Table, and no matter your skill set, you will surely be pleased. The nearly 200-pound frame will both allow a pro to make a power shot without moving the table and also keep a child from pushing it over on his friend.

General gameplay info

One of the great features of this table is that each of the legs can be adjusted. Just grab your level from your tool shed and place it on the table. After that, you can adjust each leg to proper height in order to gain a perfectly level surface despite the flaws of the ground underneath.

If this is not enough, this table will allow both the professional and the beginner to improve their game. Anyone who has been playing foosball for even a short while will know that there is more that goes into being good than simply spinning your foosball men.

With the Warrior Professional Foosball Table, each of the men on the field has ridged feet that will aid you in developing and maintaining ball control as you play. Along with this, the Warrior Professional Foosball Table comes with two balls that have also been designed with grip for added ball control.

Why should you buy this table?

For the professional, you should buy this table because it is built for you. This table is certified by ITSF & USTSF player organizations. For the beginner and child, this table is built safely, as it weighs 195 pounds and will be stabilized as a result. Along with this feature are the built-in rod guards to maximize safety.

Who should buy it?

This table, although advanced, can be purchased, played, and loved by all skill sets and just about every age group. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 4 years and up. It can be fun for competitive games, fun family games, or even a couple of young children hanging out on the weekend.

Why choose an ISTF & USTSF certified table?

There are a wide array of foosball tables on the market today, and the spectrum from great to horrible is cluttered. However, if you are in the market for purchasing a new table, it can be hard to know where each of the various tables that you are looking at might lie on this spectrum.

A common approach is to simply think that expensive means better. While that is often the case, it is not a foolproof analysis, and there is certainly more to it than the cost involved.

This is where ISTF & USTSF certified tables take their stand. The ISTF and the USTSF are the most widely trusted associations in the foosball world. The associations make known their rules, regulations, and table requirements for professional foosball.

In the event that you find a table that has been certified by both organizations, you can rest assured that your investment will be a good one.


  • Weight / durability – The weight of this table makes it a great choice for both professional players and safe-conscious parents.
  • It will provide stability as two competitive players throw their body weight into fast-action defensive maneuvers and power shots.
  • This table will also stay in place as the little ones are running around and you take your eye off of them. The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is not just heavy; it is also built to last, as it is made with MDF wood.
  • This wood will combat against warping, while its laminate surface will protect against scrapes and scratches.
  • Ease of assembly – For a vast number of foosball tables, the assembly process is a nightmare that leads the buyer to regretting that he even purchased the thing in the first place.
  • For those of you who are not the biggest fans of making large purchases only to find yourself stressing out in the assembly process, this particular table is a great choice for you. The Warrior Professional Foosball Table can be assembled easily in less than 30 minutes.
  • The manufacturers of this table built it with an easy assembly process in mind. The detailed instructions should be easy for you to follow, and you should be well on your way to your first game in no time.
  • Adjustable legs – The adjustable legs on this table will allow its user to level the table out on just about any surface. Each leg comes built in with its own swivel base and locking nut, which will allow its user to bring each leg to the desired height.
  • Each leg also comes with a rubberized foot. This rubber bottom will grip whatever surface you choose to place your table upon, while also being able to use it on uneven floors.
  • Ball control – This is one of the greatest features of the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. The designers certainly had ball control in mind. If you want to develop your skills and master the game of foosball, you will need to learn how to develop ball control.
  • This table was designed with skills such as passing the ball to another player or dribbling the ball in mind. It was also designed to be able to successfully pass off the wall and make precision shots. The foosball men come equipped with feet that have been manufactured to grip the ball.
  • Smooth playing surface – The sanded and finished wood particle board that is used for the playing surface on this model may not be the most desirable playing surface for professionals, but for a casual game of foosball , it works magnificently. 
  • Along with this, the balls themselves have even been designed for the foosball men to be able to grip them and engage in skilled play.
  • Safe – Finally, for skilled players and parents alike, this table is a good, safe option. As was stated, it is a heavy table that will stand its ground as it is pushed and shoved. It will not topple over or end up on someone’s foot.
  • Along with this feature, the table also comes equipped with rod guards. One of the typical safety concerns with foosball tables is the danger that exists when the rods being used by a player on one side end up being pushed out a distance on the other side. This can be dangerous at times.
  • The Warrior Professional Foosball Table has been developed with this safety hazard in mind. The manufacturer has eliminated the danger of thrusting rods injuring people by placing a guard around all of the rods.


  • Cost – An obvious con is that this product may be more than you can afford. It is more expensive than a lot of other foosball tables on the market. With that being said, it is also the only table that is listed for under $600 that is both ISTF & USTSF certified.
  • Not perfectly stable – While the manufacturers of this product have taken some serious steps toward playability, it is still not a perfect table. There are times in which the legs will prove to wobble some when they are extended. This will make for an imperfect playing surface.
  • While this is a seeming con of the product, the designers have responded to this matter by developing a stabilizer. If you are a professional player, this would prove to be a great additional purchase for you. All you need to do is snap the stabilizer to the bottom of your table.
  • This device will add weight, add stability, and aid your overall gameplay experience.

Features and specifications

  • Game Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Ages: 4 and up
  • Foosball Table Style: American
  • Ball Bounce: None
  • Ball Control: 5 out of 5
  • Dead Zones: 4 out 5 (Sometimes)
  • Arm Rotation: Smooth
  • Playing Surface Material: Laminate
  • Drop Ramp: None
  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Dimensions: 56 in. X 30 in. X 36 in.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Approximate Lifespan: 5 years
  • Made in: USA
  • Materials: Steel, laminate, plastic and MDF wood
  • Rods: Chrome plated / solid 14mm steel rods
  • Features: 2 foosballs included, ridged feet on the men for added grip, adjustable legs with plastic bottoms, rod guards, three-man goalie system of play, and split bearings.


The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a great choice for you no matter your age or your skill set. It is great for pros as it is certified and will help you to hone your skills rather than to digress. It is also great for families, as it is safe for kids and beginners.

This table is a great buying option. It is the best on the market for the price that is being asked, and if you are searching for a foosball table that will last, this is it. It is durable, safe, and packed with features that will add to its overall gameplay value. 


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