T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table Review

With both a cost and a reputation that are hard to beat, the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table makes for a great choice for all of you casual foosball lovers out there. With thick, sturdy legs and a sleek wood-finish design, it will surely impress its buyers for a fraction of the cost of other tables out there.

T&R Sports has been in business for over 15 years, and they pride themselves on supplying the public with high quality products for a low price.

General gameplay info

One of the unique features of this product is the solid steel rods. These rods are built to last and will not bend after prolonged use. Another great feature of this product is the field itself. Enjoy playing foosball at high speeds with the wooden playing field and the soccer field design.

For those of you who love playing foosball for hours on end, the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table comes with two drink holders. Place your cup of coffee or soda in its snug cup holder, and get back to the game quickly with this model.

The design of this table is a one-goalie layout as opposed to a three-goalie layout. This will lead to a lot of action in the backfield and more intense play and strategizing on defense.

Why should you buy this table?

While this table does not contain some of the outstanding features that some of the high-end tables carry, it is extremely affordable. You may be hard pressed to find a table with as much positive feedback at such a low cost as this one.

With around 1,700 customer ratings, the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table has received a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Who should buy it?

This table makes for a wonderful casual experience. It is not recommended for those of you wanting to hone your skills or for the professional. However, if you want to enjoy a fast-paced game of foosball for a low cost, this is a great choice for you.


  • Cost – One of the outstanding features of the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table that cannot be highlighted enough is the price. This table is by far one of the greatest options in its price range. 
  • Although this product cannot compare with the high-end professional tables, it is a top choice of many because it is affordable. You can purchase this item for less than CDN $300.
  • Look – The design of this product is another one of its greatest features. It is not simply an item that is fun to use but will also add a sleek look to any play room, game room, or garage. The frame itself is predominantly light brown / tan with dark brown streaks. 
  • The rods are chrome-plated steel rods. Both the bearings and the handle grips are black. With these assorted color arrangements, it will tie in well with furniture pieces or entertainment centers.
  • Solid steel rods – While semi-solid steel rods are the best on the market, solid steel rods are next in line. These solid steel rods will not bend like the lightweight material that can be found in some of the foosball tables on the market today. 
  • Handle grips – Grooves are strategically placed on each of the handles to ensure that you will be able to play hard and respond quickly without the annoyance of your hand slipping off of the handle. 
  • Portable – The portability of the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table makes it a must-have for many foosballers. This product weighs around 52 pounds fully assembled. Since it is lightweight, the table may shift some during gameplay. 
  • However, with this table, you will be able to move it outside in the yard or in the driveway with ease to be enjoyed on a sunny day. Some of the higher-end tables are designed to weigh upwards of 200 pounds.
  • The T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table is a great choice for those of you who would desire to move your table around from time to time.
  • Cup holders – A unique feature of this product are the two cup holders that can be found on either end of the table. On both ends, you will find conveniently-placed cup holders that fold down and lock into place when you desire to use them. 
  • As it folds out and down, cup-shaped clamps emerge with a base at the bottom where you can set a refreshing drink while you play. When you are finished with your game, fold up the cup holder into the side of the table until next time.
  • Smooth playing surface – The sanded and finished wood particle board that is used for the playing surface on this model may not be the most desirable playing surface for professionals, but for a casual game of foosball , it works magnificently. 
  • The surface will allow you to shoot the ball hard and fast toward the goal or toward the sides of the wall to pass to yourself. It will also make for a fast-paced game of foosball that will leave you wanting to get in another game.
  • Thick, sturdy legs – The legs on the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table are not as thick and heavy as the higher-end tables. However, T&R Sports has designed this table to be exceptionally sturdy for a fraction of the cost. 


  • Weight – For many of you out there, the weight of this table may not be a good fit. It only weighs 52 pounds fully assembled. The lightweight build of this table means that during intense gameplay, the table may shift positions. 
  • What tends to happen is that one end of the table begins to move forward or backward. This then causes the table to move from a straight position when the game starts to a diagonal position later on in the game.
  • Thin walls – The thin walls on this table are one of the disadvantages. With the lower cost of a foosball table, you will find some of the important features lacking. A thicker wall creates for better game of foosball. 
  • Preferably a wall will be around 1 1/2 inches thick. With a thicker wall comes a better bounce. The thinner walls will also break down more quickly, specifically around the goals where their interior is exposed.
  • Ball return – The ball return being on the short side of the table is ultimately personal preference. However, one of the disadvantages of a ball return on the ends of the table is that when you pull off a power shot, the ball may fly through the goal and onto the ground.

Features and specifications

  • Game Level: Casual
  • Ages: 12 and up
  • Foosball Table Style: American/1-Goalie system
  • Ball Bounce: Some
  • Ball Control: On this and other lower-end tables, ball control is lacking.
  • Dead Zones: Some
  • Arm Rotation: Some friction due to the solid steel rods
  • Playing Surface Material: Wood
  • Drop Ramp: No
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Dimensions: 47"(L) x 24"(W) x 33"(H)
  • Warranty: No
  • Approximate Lifespan: 2 years
  • Made in: Canada
  • Materials: The frame is made with engineered wood, MDF, and steel; the foosball men are hard plastic; the playing field is also made of wood.
  • Rods: Solid stainless steel
  • Features: The T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table comes with two foosballs, 2 cup holders (one on each end of the table), an abacus scoring system, and a ball return on the short sides of the table. It is also lightweight and portable.


The T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table may not be a wise choice for those of you who are looking to be experts in the game. However, for the rest of you who are simply looking to pick up a fun and exciting casual game of foosball from time to time, it is a perfect fit.

The price of the T&R Sports Heavy Duty Foosball Table combined with the customer satisfaction is hard to beat. You may just be the next satisfied customer with this affordable buying option.


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