KICK Titan Tournament Foosball Table Review

The Titan from Kick proved to be a major hit for us. Many tables that we looked at were lacking stability. This table was built to last. Whether you choose to be red or blue, the little men are durable. The movement and action are nearly friction free. The heavy construction allowed us to enjoy some fairly aggressive play without shifting the table. The play surface is quite sturdy, at 1/2”. The ball moved nicely, we landed some solid shots. Overall, this table was very nice for the price point. I have four children that have taken the Titan over. They are quite competitive, and spend time each day playing. This table is professional quality, so it does come in that price point.

Game Play

The Titan comes with a ½” playing surface. This sturdy construction can be felt while you play. The rods move quickly, and were very responsive. The rods feel heavy in your hands, it’s built to last. The men even have good weight. It’s not like one of those cheap foosball tables. In fact, the only thing I found difficult, was beating my friend. With the option of choosing between one or three goalies, is just another awesome feature that the Titan has to offer. Playing pairs or one on one is great. Controlling the men was so easy. The shots were solid, the bounce was good, and it was a blast with my family.

Why the Titan?

The Titan foosball table is truly a worthwhile investment. It can stand up to teenagers and adults too. The craftsmanship can be seen throughout. What a great way to spend time with the ones you love. I found that playing with friends was a great way to spend time with each other. This timeless classic can bring back great memories, and help you to create new memories. Family game night doesn’t have to be Monopoly or Go Fish. Video games dull the senses and aren’t a very healthy activity. The Titan table will keep you and your family engaged. Not only is it healthy, but a good time.

Who Should Buy the Titan?

The Titan was designed with anyone in mind really. No matter your age, or skill level for that matter, you can find a good time with this table. The foosball tradition remains alive and well. If you’re looking for family fun, a game for the cave, or even a hobby, the Titan can accommodate. Pros, this is your table. This table was designed with performance and a great game in mind. Beginners and novices can grow with the Titan. So even if you don’t play competitively, you can learn all of the ropes for a good and fun game.


  • Well Built- You can tell that Kick cares about quality. The Titan is built so solid. It’s heavy and can stand up to some aggressive play. From the actual construction to the minor details, there is quality. The small components are even solid and strong. The kicking pieces, rods, balls, and handles could even be called tournament quality.
  • Easy Install- The install process was actually hassle free and quite painless. With included installation, we were playing in no time at all. This part for me is one great option.
  • Grips/Rods- The grips are not like the old hard plastic handles most tables offer. These grips are soft and comfortable. They are not slick, offering some grab for superior control. The rods are semi-solid stainless steel and are chrome plated. This allows for durable construction that is light and moves freely.
  • The Foosball Men- There are some really neat features with the Titan. This table can be played with a three, or one goalie layout. There are 13 red, and 13 blue men. It also includes 26 uniformed men. They are counterbalanced for the greatest control and playability.
  • Playability- From the adjustable feet, to the thicker playing surface, this table is perfect for a long history in your family. Aside from the simple fun, it’s easy to play. Whether you are competitive, or just playing for some mild mannered entertainment, it will exceed your expectations. This isn’t merely some arcade style game.
  • Customer Service: KICK offers customer service that is second to none. If something did happen, these guys offer free replacement parts for life. They also provide free rod lubricant for the table as well. Just keep in mind that you do have to request this feature. They will send it out to you. They will also provide free assembly; you just have to get in touch with them. They will take care of you.
  • Made in the USA: KICK tables are made in Texas, USA. The company was founded by a long time player of the game.


  • Weight: Remember how I mentioned the sturdy construction? That makes this table solid on the weight end too. The Titan comes in at 190lbs. It takes a couple of people to move it around or assemble it. This really isn’t much of a con honestly.
  • Dead Zones: Many tables have obvious dead zones. The Titan only had couple moments in play where the ball stalled in play. We double checked leveling to confirm.
  • Ball Return- It is not returns folks, but return. There is only one ball return on the side of the table. While most didn’t seem to mind, a few of the players seemed to find it a minor inconvenience.

Features and specifications

  • Game Level: Beginner to Pro
  • Ages: 12+
  • Foosball Table Style: One Goalie with corner ramps, or three goalie
  • Ball Bounce: Great- six balls included for varied game play and skill
  • Ball Control: Five of Five Stars
  • Dead Zones: Almost nominal
  • Arm Rotation: Full
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Dimensions: 55" L X 30" W X 36" H
  • Warranty: Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • Approximate Lifespan:
  • Made in: Texas, USA
  • Rods: Chrome plated semi-solid stainless steel
  • Features: Sturdy Leg Leveling system with rubber feet, premium bearings 13 Red, 13 Blue, and 26 uniformed men


If you’re a pro, a novice, or a simple fun seeker, the Titan is a well rounded table. KICK does not skimp on quality or customer service. I mean who else is willing to include an unlimited lifetime warranty? The thought seems absurd in most business models, but shows the quality that the manufacture stands behind. This is coupled with incredible customer service. Did I already mention second to none? Frankly, you can really play on the Titan. If you are looking for a simple novelty, this is not the table for you. It won’t be broken in a week like the box store specials. The Titan is truly a worthwhile investment.


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