Kick Foosball Table Glory Review

Enter your text here...Enjoy fast-paced game play at a low cost with the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table. The mind behind the design of the KICK tables has been playing foosball for decades. He is also a man who desired to provide the world with a well-built foosball table for an affordable price.

With the KICK Glory 48” Foosball Table, you can rest assured that you will be getting a top-notch table and possibly the biggest bang for your buck.

General gameplay info

One of the great features of this item is that it comes equipped with the ability to play foosball with either the one-man goalie system or the three-man goalie system. Pick your preference with the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table, or simply mix it up to add versatility and excitement.

The design itself is traditional, and the foosball men have a classic look with their competing uniforms. The structure of the men and their feet also appear traditional.

Modern attempts have been made to change the feet of the foosball players to enhance gameplay. At times, this has been a success, but at times, it has not.

With the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table, you know what you are getting, and it will have the familiar foosball gameplay that you know and love. The field play is that of a soccer field with both the midway point and the goalie boxes clearly defined.

Why should you buy this table?

An obvious reason to buy this table is that it is affordable. However, it is not only affordable, but it is also backed with a lifetime warranty and a number of satisfied customers. Clearly the KICK team is not just trying to dish off their faulty foosball tables on swayed customers, but rather they believe in their product.

Who should buy it?

The KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table is an excellent choice for everyone from professional players all the way down to beginners. It is not a tournament table, so that should be kept in mind. However, the classic look and play of this table is a fun and exciting option for all skill levels.


  • One/Three-man goalie option – With the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table, you will have the ability to choose from either the one-man or three-man goalie configurations. This will enhance gameplay, lead to greater amounts of versatility, and add an element of replay value.
  • At checkout, you do not need to choose if you want to purchase this product with the three-man goalie system or the one-man goalie system; it comes with both.
  • In the event that you would like to play with the one-man goalie design, corner ramps and rod stoppers are included with the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table.
  • Classic look and play – For those of you who love the classic foosball feel and appearance, this table is a superb choice. The men have the traditional red and blue uniforms. Their shoulders are upright and posture is straight.
  • The feet on the foosball men adhere to the classic design with a slight bend from top to bottom on both sides. The sides of the feet make for great passing and strategic gameplay.
  • The design of the table itself consists of a marvelously compatible exterior to neighboring walls and/or furniture pieces.
  • The exterior is a combination of colors (chestnut, black, and stainless steel/chrome plated) and materials (wood, hard plastic, and stainless steel/chrome plated) that consists mostly of a wooden chestnut appearance.
  • Price – The spectrum of price ranges for foosball tables on the market today is vast and steadily increasing. For the average Joe, splurging on a table that costs thousands of dollars is simply not the norm.
  • With the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table, you can have a durable table that is built to last at a fraction of the cost as compared to some of its competitors. You can expect to pay slightly over $200 dollars.
  • Weight – The weight of this table is both a pro and a con. The con will be addressed later in this article. However, weighing only 46 pounds, the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table is an excellent choice for mobility. It also carries some weight that will help to keep it stationary.
  • Fast shipping – KICK promises that when you buy a product from them, they will ship it out the same day. No more waiting around for your desired package to arrive only to find out that the supplier hasn’t even gotten around to sending it out yet.
  • Enjoy your table the same week of its purchase when you purchase from KICK.
  • Leg levelers – A foosball table will not rest well on a number of surfaces both inside and outside of the home. The reason for this is that, quite often, surfaces are not perfectly level. If you put a foosball table on a surface that is not level, this will cause the ball to roll downhill.
  • With the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table, you can enjoy a level playing surface wherever you set up your table due to the built-in leg levelers.


  • Weight – While the weight of this table can be seen as a positive feature, it can also be seen as a negative component. The professional tables are built heavier (200 pounds) for a number of reasons. One of these must be discussed.
  • With a heavier table, the players will be allowed to play more intensely. What I mean is this: When you play foosball, you will find that you move the rods quickly at times to both attack and defend.
  • When this takes place with a heavier table, the table will remain stationary. The KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table is only a fraction of the weight of a professional table (46 pounds).
  • This means that the table will begin to move, albeit most likely slightly rather than all over your home, but you will notice that the harder you play, the more the table will move out of position.
  • No rod guards – A great safety feature on some of the foosball tables on the market today is that of rod guards. Rod guards are a hard plastic casing that is placed on the opposite ends of the rods (on the opposite side of the handles).
  • These guards do not move, but rather they stay in place and form a tunnel for the rods to be pushed into and out of. This eliminates what may be the greatest safety hazard of a foosball table. However, the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table does not come with rod guards.

Features and specifications

  • Game Level: Casual
  • Ages: 12+
  • Foosball Table Style: American
  • Ball Bounce: None
  • Ball Control: Good
  • Dead Zones: Some
  • Arm Rotation: Smooth (request lubrication from KICK)
  • Playing Surface Material: Wood
  • Drop Ramp: None
  • Weight: 46lbs
  • Dimensions: 48" L X 24" W X 32" H
  • Warranty: Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Approximate Lifespan: 5 years
  • Made in: Unknown
  • Materials: Stainless steel, wood, hard plastic
  • Rods: ½” semi-solid stainless steel, chrome plated
  • Features: One-man or three-man goalie system, plastic plugs attached to the ends of rods for safety, wooden non-slip grip handles, free lubricant upon request from KICK, ¼” thick playing field, abacus style scoring system, easy ball retrieval on both sides of the table, leg levelers for stabilization, and level playing field.


For the casual foosballer, the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table is an excellent choice. It is built to last and comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. It may not have some of the perks of some of the high-end professional tables on the market today, but it is certainly a great choice for an affordable price.

Enjoy the classic feel and look with the KICK Glory 48″ Foosball Table, and add an element of fun and excitement to your home with this buying option.


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